Measurable Impact at Source: Avocado Oil from Ethiopia

Our impact in local Ethiopian avocado farmers

Our new sustainability two-pager showcases the incredible impact of our organic avocado oil sourcing project from Ethiopia!

Sunvado, our processing facility in Ethiopia, is dedicated to producing premium organic avocado oil that can be fully traced back to its source.

Since establishment of Sunvado, local farmers have greater opportunities to access the international avocado market. In addition, we have supported organic certification, offered an organic premium on top of an increased price, and much more!

As of today, we’ve worked with: 

  • 59,455 smallholder farmers organic-certified
  • 20987mt of fresh avocados bought by Sunvado from local farmers
  • 3 female-run seedling nurseries set up with over 60 women trained
  • 75,000 avocado seedlings distributed to 3,000 farmers
  • and much more!...


Read the impact report here:

Avocado Oil, Sunvado - Impact at Source - 2024

Collaborating for climate-smart agriculture in Ethiopia

Climate-smart agriculture practices can help smallholders increase their productivity and resilience to climate change, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increase soil carbon sequestration.

In Ethiopia, Sunvado has partnered up with Farmforce, an agri-tech company from Norway, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), with support by NDF and its Nordic Climate Facility to support the local avocado farmers.

Watch here:

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