Measurable Impact at Source: Coconut Oil from The Philippines and Indonesia

Our new sustainability impact two-pager on organic coconut oil is officially out, and we could not be happier.

To meet the growing demand for organic coconut oil, Tradin Organic established two successful sourcing projects in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Today, the experienced field staff in our sourcing project of Indonesia is successfully assisting 2898 smallholder farmers, who preserve their farms organically for generations, cultivating coconut trees intercropped with a variety of other crops. In the Philippines, 2128 hectares of land are now organic certified coconut farms.

Enabled by Tradin Organic’s certification program and training, our farmer-suppliers benefit from an attractive organic premium that significantly increases their farm income.

The certifications guarantee that organic coconut oil is produced with minimal impact on the environment, that biodiversity is protected, and fair working conditions at the farms and in the processing facility are ensured.

Coconut oil - image 2
Two-pager Coconut Oil - Philippines  Indonesia

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