The story behind our organic cocoa

Cocoa Sustainability Report, 2021

We are very  proud to present our sustainability report on organic cocoa. With the new crop in full swing, we want to highlight the most important sustainability milestones 2019-2021.   

In this report, we re-affirm our global commitments towards building communities through organic cocoa sourcing and processing. It presents important milestones that we achieved. We are proud to have obtained new certifications of our cocoa: NaturlandBio Suisse, Fair for Life, and Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC)

This report also provides an outlook on our plans for 2021 and beyond. You will find more information on our plans to further reduce and offset the carbon footprint of our cocoa products.  

Get to know our partnerships, presence, and programs at source. Amongst other achievements, you can read about our Child Protection Program and our Agroforestry Programs in Sierra Leone. Learn about how you can get involved in these programs. 

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