Cocoa Sustainability Report, 3rd Edition

Cocoa Sustainability Report, 2023

We are very proud to present the third edition of our sustainability report on organic cocoa! 

Cocoa is more than just a beloved ingredient - it's a livelihood for millions of farmers and workers worldwide. However, the cocoa industry has faced numerous challenges, especially in the past two years with COVID-19, delayed logistics worldwide, stagnating markets, and environmental degradation.

That is why, at Tradin Organic, we strive to make organic the first choice for everyone. We work closely with smallholder farmers, cooperatives, local partners, as well as chocolate producers, brands, and retailers worldwide, and are global leaders in processing and promoting organic production.

In this report, we share with you our most recent milestones and unveil our initiatives and approach to topics such as deforestation-free sourcing, digitization, carbon credits, agroforestry, and so much more!

Discover our partnerships, origins, and programs at source. Get involved!

Download the sustainability report here to read more:

Cocoa Sustainability Report 2023 - working doc (002)

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We invite you to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future for cocoa. By supporting Tradin Organic, you're not just purchasing cocoa – you're supporting a vision of sustainability, equity, and social responsibility.

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