season for organic dried mango in full swing

Burkina Faso, the tropical paradise, is currently abuzz with excitement as Tradin Organic's sourcing project and cutting-edge drying facility work tirelessly to bring you the finest organic dried mangos. The months from April to August witness an explosion of mango goodness, with the peak season peaking between May and June.

Our skilled harvest teams are hard at work, carefully handpicking the ripe mangos from the abundant fields. These freshly plucked fruits are then transported to our state-of-the-art factories, where they undergo meticulous processing and drying. At Tradin Organic, we take immense pride in our field-to-factory approach, ensuring unrivaled food safety, preserving the organic integrity of our products, and making a positive impact on the local communities and the environment through our organic and Fairtrade-certified offerings.

“Not only do our organic dried mangos deliver an exquisite taste experience, but they also empower local farmers and communities, creating economic prospects that uplift the region. By supporting our product as a customer, you contribute to income generation, employment opportunities, and the sustainable development of rural areas, fostering a brighter future while combating povertyRob van Santen - Tradin Organic.

The dried mango industry plays a pivotal role in supporting the livelihoods of the locals in Burkina Faso. Through our strategic partnerships and unwavering support, Tradin Organic offers a reliable market for over 65 small-scale farmers, empowering them with a sustainable source of income. Furthermore, our processing factories create employment opportunities for thousands of rural workers, with a particular emphasis on empowering women and the youth.

To foster the growth of the dried mango industry, we have implemented various programs and initiatives. These include efforts to enhance quality standards, expand market access, and provide invaluable technical assistance to our dedicated farmers. By investing in the future of the industry, we aim to ensure its long-term sustainability and prosperity.

Satisfying Your Organic Dried Mango Needs

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