Celebrating partnerships at origin – MEXICO


Under the warm, bright sun in Mexico, generations of local farmers and our team work devotedly in the crops of organic citruses to guarantee tasty and refreshing juice that is free from chemicals and respects our Earth. It’s a long journey from farm to bottle, but one that we track and trace carefully. 

This longstanding partnership started in 2002. Today, we can offer a diverse range of high-quality organic citrus juices that cater to our customer's needs. Organic farming and sustainability are at the core of our operations, from the moment seeds are planted to the final juicing process.

Every citrus fruit part is used, reducing waste and supporting a circular economy by turning subpar fruits and peels into organic compost or animal feed.

Here’s what you need to know about our juice:

  • It’s organic-certified, of course! We use natural farming methods, such as composting, crop rotation and beneficial insects.
  • Fully traceable from farm to bottle.
  • Personalized blends according to your needs.
  • Contributes to the local community development.

Watch our video and meet the people behind it all.

Tradin Organic is determined to contribute and is working with local parties to further develop the value chain. Want to join us?

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