Celebrating partnerships at origin – Peru

Peru is a source of immense pride. Tradin Organic cherishes its vital partnerships with two Peruvian cooperatives, Selva and Acopagro. By placing sustainability, FairTrade, and the local farmers at the forefront, we are bolstering sustainable agriculture in Peru and making real impact on the communities involved.

ACOPAGRO is a cooperative of nearly 2000 smallholder organic cocoa producers in the San Martin region of Peru. In 2022, Tradin Organic joined its 25th anniversary festivities. Over the years, we have fully supported their mission to ensure sustainable and fair income for their members based on trust and values of solidarity.


By purchasing large quantities of Acopagro’s Fairtrade-certified cacao, Tradin Organic is an important contributor to Fairtrade premiums that enable the cooperative's activities, such as provision of comprehensive farmer trainings and introduction of up-to-date drying technologies and techniques. Trainings range from sustainable management of forest plantations, to techniques on deforestation prevention and the replanting of indigenous trees.


Our video also features SELVAa cooperation with 50+ years of experience in high-quality tropical fruit products from Peru. With two processing facilities for tropical juices, pulps, concentrates and more, they are a close-knit partner of Tradin Organic. As of recently, we teamed up with Selva and other industry players to launch an exciting agroforestry pilot project in the central jungle of Peru, focused on orange, ginger and passionfruit crops


At this stage, the goals are to explore innovative and sustainable methods of cultivating ginger, educate farmers about the benefits of agroforestry systems, assess the viability and achievements of these practices in the region, and advocate for the expansion of agroforestry systems among key stakeholders. If successful, we will scale up the project in 2024.

“It is imperative to change farming practices in tropical areas to ensure long-term production and resilience to climate change. The main investment should be in the formal training of young farmers to secure sustainable food production for future generations and promote environmental conservation”, explains Santiago Suarez, Tradin Organic's Sourcing Coordinator for Latin America

Collaboration leads to improvement in every aspect - from products to soil quality, from fairer conditions to increasing sustainable agricultural practices and much more. We strongly encourage everyone in the industry to unite and hope that partnerships such as Tradin Organic, Selva, and Acopagro, continue to inspire positive change in the Peruvian organic industry and beyond.

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