Celebrating partnerships at origin – Sri Lanka

The aroma, the sweet taste, the texture - coconut is truly one-of-a-kind! In the western fields of Sri Lanka, rows and rows of coconut trees grow following the principles of regenerative organic agriculture. Since 2014, Tradin has been sourcing the finest organic coconut ingredients from the "coconut triangle", partnering with local farmers and processing facilities. Click the video and take a peek at our origin!

Tradin Organic supplies delicious organic coconut water, milk, and cream products from Sri Lanka. As a result of our long-term commitment to this origin, we have built strong bonds with local partners and an extensive network of farmers. Together, we have developed our operations and work conditions further. 

Tradin Organic guarantees an integrated supply chain with full traceability, organic integrity, and high-quality coconut products. The coconut trees are grown and harvested in a thriving ecosystem with regenerative organic practices, such as intercropping, animal fertilization, and more. Read about it in our latest sustainability two-pager here.


As of today, our collaboration joins:

  • 311 dedicated employees at origin
  • 100+ smallholder farmers
  • 1380 hectares of organically certified land

“Farmers in the project get coverage for protection of health, financial assistance and social security beyond the mandatory requirements from a certification point of view. There are many health camps and insurance schemes organized time to time for farmers through our partner in Sri Lanka. Schools in the farmer community get basic facilities for farmer kids through our partner, strategically located near the village. We look forward to continuing to work together and develop more initiatives!” – describes Shiva Chiramshi, Sourcing Development Coordinator

In line with the increasing trend towards a more plant-based lifestyle, the demand for coconut-derived ingredients is experiencing annual growth in Tradin’s primary markets - Europe and the United States.

To meet this demand, Sri Lankan producers have taken their efforts to the next level, creating a thriving and sustainable business that supports local families.

Tradin Organic is determined to contribute and is working with local parties to further develop the value chain.

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